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Print To Scale help page

Main window

The app starts with an empty window. You can either drag and drop an image to the window or use the File->Open menu item to open an image and create a new layout.

Once the image is loaded the window will show a preview of the layout, initially consisting of a single page.

Scale setup entry in the middle of the window toolbar works together with the scale arrow on the layout. To setup scale drag the arrow to indicate the image feature which size will be used to scale the whole image. Then enter the desired arrow size on print out in the Scale Setup toolbar entry. The length can be specified in millimeters, centimeters and inches. The layout will be recalculated immediately to reflect the change in scale.

Zoom buttons allow to zoom the layout preview as needed. Sometimes it is usefull to magnify the preview to the individual pixels level so the scale arrow head can be accurately positioned.

Selection button turns the layout area selection on and off. The selection is shown as a “marching ants” rectangle that can be resized by its sides and corners and also can be dragged by its center around. With the selection feature you can:

The Page setup, Layout setup, Ink saver and Print call additional dialogs described below.

Page setup

Page setup is a standard macOS panel for paper size, orientation and paper printable area configuration.

Once the page setup is finished the layout will be recalculated with new page parameters.

Layout Setup

Layout setup panel is a central place for all layout configuration options.

Ink saver

Ink saver feature is primarily useful for non photographic images like schemes, drawings, patterns etc. with large solid color areas unimportant for the layout purpose but consume a lot of ink when printed. It works by lightening the image, but also has an option to preserve edge features so that the contours of solid color areas are better visible on print.


Print is a standard macOS printing panel. It allows to preview the pages to be printed and also to save the print out to pdf. For Print To Scale it is important that all the settings in print panel affecting page geometry (like Pages per Sheet, Reverse page orientation, Flip horizontally, scaling etc.) are turned off.


File->New Create a new layout.

File->New with Blank Page Create a new layout with an empty image.

File->Open… Open an image for layout.

File->Open from Clipboard Open an image from clipboard.

File->Open Recent Open a recently used image.

File->Printer Calibration… Show printer calibration panel.

File->Page Setup… Show page setup panel.

File->Layout Setup… Show layout setup panel.

File->Ink Saver… Show ink saver panel.

File->Print… Show print panel.

Edit->Select All Set selection to the whole image.

Edit->Crop Crop the image to the current selection.

Edit->Crop Reset crop to the whole image.

Edit->Scale to Fit Width Set the scale to fit current layout printable area width.

Edit->Scale to Fit Height Set the scale to fit current layout printable area height.

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